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About us Extreme Flooring Denver Metro Area 2

Extreme Floor Tile was founded in 2012 in response to a clear need in terms of design and remodeling that we found in the Denver metro area.

After a deep and step-by-step research, and after understanding the particular needs of each case, we began to develop solutions for each one of them.

In that year, my brother and I decided to embark on this beautiful adventure with the purpose of offering an unparalleled experience in property remodeling, which fills us with pride and in turn we are passionate about.

We don’t settle for just doing a good job, we always go the extra mile so that you are always 100% satisfied.

Everything starts with a good assessment of the current conditions of the property together with the information that the client gives us in order to start the design process, followed by the selection of the most suitable materials, then a price analysis and finally the installation process, which is 100% guaranteed.

It works like this:

*We send a friendly, honest and hard-working professional to your home to do the contracted work.

*The day after the installation, we follow up on the work done, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services that Extreme Flooring Tile provided.

About us our company in Denver Colorado - Extreme Flooring
About us our company in Denver Colorado 2 - Extreme Flooring

WELCOME to Extreme Flooring Tile Home. Our mission is to make your house more beautiful, safe, and cozy, that is why we guarantee the high quality of our products and services. Here you will find the largest and best selection of flooring and tile products in the Denver metro area. You can also find the absolutely lowest prices in town.

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